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Spring Blouse Tutorial

Spring Blouse Tutorial

I absolutely LOVE this blouse I just created and I hope that you like it too and can make one similar- if you like 🙂

These are the materials that you will need:

scissors, measuring tape, at least 2 yards of fabric- depending on size of blouse, a pattern or a shirt that fits well that you can use as a pattern, pins, sewing machine

These are the fabrics that I wanted to work with today- thought it would be fun to make a new shirt.


I have a great shirt pattern that I use over and over again just for the body- pin the pattern on the fold of the fabric. Do this for the front and the back of the blouse. Once pinned, cut. You will end up with 2 pieces.


My grandma gave me some awesome linens just a little while ago- this bed skirt has really cute trimmings on it- perfect for this blouse.  I cut off the bottom of the bed skirt for the ruffle of the blouse and also used some for the sleeves as well as the neck.

An easy trick to cut fabric very quickly is to cut just about an inch and then you can rip through the rest of the fabric and you have a perfectly straight piece.


I like the sleeve pattern that I have too- this sleeve makes a nice gathered look at the top of the sleeve- and I like the length as well.  So pin the pattern to the fabric and cut.  You have two sleeves, so you need to cut two.

For the trim on the sleeves I use a BIG ruler and a FISKARS cutting board to make the trim perfectly straight. If you don’t have a cutting board, a BIG clear ruler or a very sharp rolling cutter- get one. It makes life a lot easier when cutting.

So now that you have cut all your pieces out- this is how they will look.  I also decided the yellow floral would look nice on the bottom of the blouse before the ruffle. So I cut about a 1 inch strip- the length of the bottom of the blouse. I wish I had of made it longer- so think about how you want your blouse to look before you cut.


Now it is time to pin- pinning right side to right side for the most part. I started with the bottom of the blouse.  I pinned the yellow floral fabric to the blue striped fabric.  Next I took the trim from the bed skirt and put it on my neck line- I like using finished edges- that way I don’t have to hem, or worry about my neckline not being PERFECT!  So I took the easy way out today!  The trim for the neckline was pinned wrong side to right side- and then folded over to the wrong side.

Neck I started my sleeves- baste around the top of the sleeve.  It is always best to make 2 basting stitches- it makes the gather more lovely. The thread I used makes it hard to see- sorry about that- it was supposed to show two stitches- one stitch at 5/8 inch and the other at 1/4 inch.  Once basted, pull the two top threads gently and push the fabric so it bunches.

For the trim on the sleeve- you will baste and gather so that it fits the bottom of the sleeve.  Then sew it on.

Next, sew the sleeve edges together- right sides together.

Baste stitch the ruffle- again making two stitching lines- one at 5/8 inch and one at 1/4 inch.

Sew the yellow fabric to the blue striped fabric.  Because I only cut 1 inch of the yellow, I am using a 1/4 inch hem- because I wanted more of the yellow fabric to show. Pin the side seams.  Sew the side seams and the neckline.

The neckline looks soo nice- I love just being able to sew a trim to the neck. Pin the shoulders together, right sides together. Sew the shoulder seams.


Pin the sleeve to the arm hole.  It is easiest for me to have the dress inside out- and the sleeve right side out.  Put the sleeve inside the dress toward the arm hole.  Put right sides to right sides and pin.  Matching notches and the seam of the arm hole to the seam of the sleeve.

The blouse is almost done- I almost stopped here- but I figured if I did not like the ruffle I can always remove it.


Next, pin the ruffle to the blouse- and sew.


Finished blouse! I LOVE IT- and I hope you get inspired to make your own!!





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  1. Love the ruffle hem of this blouse. What a great idea to use old linens.

  2. Love that blouse!!!! Sooooo cute!!! “anthro-esqe”

  3. aw! Love your fabric choices!!

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