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REVAMP…my wardrobe!?! Yes please!

REVAMP…my wardrobe!?! Yes please!

So… I am in the process of revamping my wardrobe.  As you know, I am blessed to be a stay at home mom- but what comes with that, for me… is a budget! And that budget may not include shopping like I may want…sooo I have to be creative and think of ways that I can change the clothes I already have in my wardrobe, so that I like it again!!

I would LOVE it if I actually wore ALL the clothes that I have in my closet, but plain and simple… I don’t.  So this is my challenge for myself and for you…I am going to eventually wear everything that I have in my closet.  I WILL wear because I want to. Not because I HAVE to.  I have a couple of shirts, jackets, dresses that are just a little too short, or a little too big, or it just doesn’t fit right, or I just don’t like it anymore.  For some articles of clothing it may just be a few tweaks here and there that can make an item worth wearing again- other pieces may be a little more difficult.

For the next few weeks, I am going to be posting my revamped wardrobe!  I hope you will stay tuned and be inspired to revamp your wardrobe!!

Here a few pieces that I tweaked and HAVE actually worn in the past few days- which I haven’t worn in MONTHS or more before the revamp- the sweater I think I purchased 8 years ago and hardly EVERY wear- the dress I bought while in college probably 11 years ago!!   Embarrassing that I still have them…




I will start with this super plain, gray sweater…  This gray sweater is too short… I personally don’t like short shirts, jackets, sweaters that accentuate my mid section- after two kids- my midsection isn’t my boasting area- if you know what I mean.  So, I needed to make this sweater longer- I had just gone thrifting the other day and picked up what I thought was a cute shirt- BUT when I got home and tried it on- it was hideous. So I took the ruffle off the goodwill shirt.  I started with cutting the ruffle off, baste stitched the ruffle, gathered it to fit the bottom of my sweater, pinned right side of ruffle to right side of sweater, sewed them together and voila! A much cuter sweater- I wore it to the gym the other day and I am glad I am getting wear out of it again 🙂




My super outdated dress is next!


Now on to the dress- the dress is a form fitting dress that I bought when I was in college- it is just not my style anymore and I hardly ever wear it.  But, I love the floral print of the dress.  So I decided to change the style into something that is more ME now.  I cut off the bottom part of the dress- I got the material that I wanted to use and measured it the length that I wanted it to be on me.  Baste stitch the top of the of the dress, gathered it to fit the dress, pinned right side of skirt to right side of dress, and sew.



After sewing on the skirt, I tried it on and I did NOT like it at all- it was accentuating my MID SECTION- something, as you know, I DONT LIKE!!

I had to remove the skirt with my HANDY DANDY seam ripper- that I have to use WAAAAY more than I would like…I then had to re-baste the skirt and then gather again!  Oh, the joys of sewing!!

I cut the floral dress shorter- so it is more of an A-line type of dress.  I wanted the back of the dress to be more ruffled than the front to make it a little more bustle like.  It is very subtle though- I would have liked it to be more noticeable. Oh well.  There is always next time.  I also wanted a slit on the skirt.  So, I kept that opening of the dress on the front of the dress instead of sewing the side seams together on the side of the dress.  I hemmed the slit- but left the bottom of the dress with raw edges.  After the skirt was sewn on to the dress, I decided I wanted the front of the dress to be shorter than the back.  I wanted a very subtle fish tail skirt.  I wore this dress today to church with my awesome cowboy boots and I got several compliments 🙂

I hope that you like the revamp!!




Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!!






About lovegracemercy

You should know this is my very first blog and I have no idea what I am doing- so this should be interesting :) So now I am supposed to tell you about myself: First and foremost, I love Jesus and I am blessed to be a child of God. I am also a wife, to a godly, handsome and wonderful man. I have two beautiful children, Clover Grace and Valor Grey that I am blessed to stay at home with. I am unique in my fashion and in what I sew and design. I absolutely love little children vintage designs. Color, lace, cotton and knits are what you will find in my sewing closet (that I have to share with the family jackets and umbrellas). I have been sewing for many, many years...even though I am only 30. I was blessed to have my beautiful, abnegation mother teach me how to sew. My first project was a peasant blouse, ( that I still have in my closet) from a Vogue pattern. Since then, I have made several duvet covers, pillows, valances, pillowcases, dresses, baby bumpers, bedskirts, bloomers, pantaloons, mens dress shirts, pants, shirts, pretty much everything!! Although there is so much more to share, I am sure you are bored with reading the "about yourself" section on my blog. I hope to post some new designs, old designs, instructions on how to sew with out patterns and step by step with pictures on current projects.

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  1. My sweet cousin, your creativity is astounding and so impressive. I know that you are humble about it, but it is a gift from God! Mom tried to teach me to sew, but I just didn’t take to it. Maybe I’ll try again with her sometime. She sews beautifully. She made me super cute dresses and such over the years. She did Aron’s baby bumper and curtains too, like you! She is our “go-to” when we need a sewing repair (Kai ripped the crotch in some favorite shorts). And, she made my favorite comforter that I still have tucked away as a keepsake. That was a big project – patchwork. We’re never too old to learn something new, so maybe someday soon I’ll have the patience to try again. We made a tank top and shorts together when I was in high school, and I haven’t done anything since! Your dress is darling! We really miss you guys. You are such a great wife and mommy. I’m very proud of you! Love you all so much!!!

    • Julie!! Thanks so much for reading my blog :)) You are such a sweetie!!! I didn’t know that my Aunt Jan is a seamstress- that is awesome. If we ever make it up to visit someday I would love to see your comforter that she made you! We miss you guys too- wish we all lived closer! When you start sewing again… I would love to see your projects!! XOXO


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