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This tutorial is for the ladies! DIY Pants, Leggings, Jeans… or whatever you want to call them!

Okay this tutorial is for the ladies!  I have extremely LONG legs- we are talking 36″ inseam.  So I have to spend the BIG bucks to find a pair of jeans, pants or leggings that are long enough for my liking.  Or I can constantly wear skinny pants that are regular length- but CAPRI length on me.  As you know, I am a stay at home mom and I don’t have TONS of money to be spending on designer jeans or LULU Lemon work out apparel.  So I decided I will make my own darn pants- just the way I want.

I can make them as long or as short as I want.  And it was sooo super easy!  It took me about 20 minutes, once I learned how to sew my crotch right.

You will need the pair of pants that you want to duplicate, scissors, and a sewing machine.  Oh and yeah- the new fabric that you are making your pants out of.  You won’t want to buy cheap fabric for pants- because you don’t want a hold in your butt or crotch.  So pick out some nice quality fabric.

The fabric I chose is really stretchy but very thick- so they look like pants but fit like leggings.

I wanted to duplicate my Victoria Secret Yoga pants- but make them LONGER!!

Fold your pants so you are working with just one leg.  Put the fold of the pant leg on the fold of the fabric.  Remember to use your fabric wisely.  You want to get the most out of the fabric you have.


Then you will want to trace your pattern.  Leave yourself enough fabric to create a hem- so give yourself an extra inch if you want to have a 1/2″ seam.  Then cut your material out.  You will then have one leg done.  Do the same for the other leg.


After the legs are both cut out- you are going to sew the leg. Right side of fabric to right side of fabric. Pin and then sew from the crotch to the bottom of your pant leg or sew from the pant leg to the top of the crotch- whatever floats your boat.  DOUBLE STITCH the leg seams.  You don’t want any holes while wearing.  DO NOT TOUCH the crotch seam yet.

After both legs are sewn, you are going to sew them together creating the crotch seam.  I did this wrong the first time- so make sure you learn from my mistake.  Take one pant leg- make sure it is still inside out- then take your other pant leg which should be RIGHT side out.  Stick the leg that is RIGHT side out into the pant that is inside out.  REREAD the last sentence if you need to!!  RIGHT SIDES SHOULD BE TOGETHER AT THIS POINT.  And it should look like you have only one leg.  The fabric that I am using is hard to tell what is right from wrong- so make sure you follow the rule!  RIGHT sides together.  Got it?!



You are then going to sew the crotch seam.  Start at the top of the waist and sew all the way to the other side of the waist.  It is like a U shape- sorta kinda.  Double stitch the crotch seam to make sure you don’t get any holes when bending over!!

I did NOT hem the top of my pants- you are more than welcome to hem the top of your pants- these pants I made are SUPER stretchy and I want to keep them that way- so I didn’t want to hem mine.  I left the bottom of the pants frayed as well.  That is the look that I wanted.  But you can hem the bottom of your pants if you want as well.


Clip your threads and put on your new lovely pants!!  These are me in my new pants.  BTW…  It is VERY hard to take a picture of your back side by yourself.   It took 20 or more shots to get it right!!  I hope you like your new pair of pants!!  And I would LOVE to see your pants once you have made yourself some- good luck and happy sewing!