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Revamped! Long sleeve knit thermal & striped button up

Revamped! Long sleeve knit thermal & striped button up

I made this striped long sleeve thermal a while ago, but to add some pizazz to it, I decided to add some different colored stitching around the neck and the cuff of the sleeve.  I really liked the way that it turned out.  I also added more material to the bottom of the shirt to make it longer- I like my shirts on the longer side vs. shorter side.  Very easy to spruce up any shirt, and just adding a little bit of length will make me wear this thermal A LOT more!


This shirt I bought over 8 years ag0- I really LIKED it, when I bought it…. BUT I haven’t worn it in such a long time because I just don’t like it anymore.  I decided to cut the sleeves off and make the arm pits bigger and I could wear a cute bra under so if my bra shows under my arm pits it would be cute!  Easy, fun and wearable!



Changed up my turtleneck! WAAAY cuter!!

So I ended up taking off my turtleneck and doubling it- so I basically did the exact same thing I did for my first turtleneck, and then sewed them together to make it EXTRA big!


This is what it looks like now- I LOOOVE 🙂 The neck is so full- it is perfect! I am going to make another turtleneck, but one that isn’t so scooped, I want the turtle neck to be sitting up higher around my neck- I will post that tutorial when I get some more material 🙂


Thanks for reading my blog!

Crazy for Lace!!

Crazy for Lace!!

So I am lucky enough to live in the greater Los Angeles area and have easy access to DOWNTOWN LA- where there is fabric galore!!  I grabbed my children and my wonderful hubby and headed downtown LA because I wanted to buy some lace- to my wonderful amazement- it was only $3/yd AND it was 20% off- so I wanted to go ape and buy EVERYTHING! But… my husband kept me to my budgeted spending limit that I had set for myself.  I spent $40 and I ended up with TONS of beautiful lace plus a lot more.  These are the very fun projects that I made with the lace.

When I had originally made these clothes, I did not have my blog, so I was not taking pictures as I was going along…so I will try to explain how I made them as easy as possible without  pictures.

The first dress I made with the lace was for my girlfriends wedding- I wanted a fun dress for a wedding and I wanted to design it myself.  This was the real first piece that I made with out a pattern!!!!!  I was soooooooo happy with how it turned out.  With that being said- I want to encourage you to sew with out a pattern- it was easier than I had expected.  I had wanted it to be similar to this dress-

I had no idea what the back of this dress looked like- but I knew how I wanted the back of mine to look and that is all that matters 😉

Here is the finished product of my dress-

I loved wearing my dress to the wedding- I knew no one else would have the same dress, I made it to fit perfectly for me and I got a ton of compliments!!  Oh and my husband LOVED it on me too 🙂

The materials I needed were lace, a lining material, I chose a light cotton that was the same color as the lace and tulle- I bought the soft tulle, I should have bought the netting type of tulle- that would have made it more poofy but you live and you learn!

The skirt part was the easiest- measure how long you want your skirt part to be- and cut the same amount of lace, lining, and tulle for the skirt.  Baste stitch them all together, gather to fit your body.

For the bodice, I got a tank top from my closet and used that as the pattern for my bodice- the back of the bodice, I wanted more a v-neck- so I changed that up once I got the pattern cut for my body size.  I lined the front of my dress with the light weight cotton material, but I wanted my back to be all lace- so I didn’t need to have a lining for my back.

I measured my upper arm circumference because I wanted my sleeves to be tight- make sure you leave space to make your seam- a couture seam is 5/8 inch ( I read that from one of my betsy johnson patterns- so I am assuming that is accurate… haha) so make sure you calculate that when you are cutting your sleeves.  I measured the arm hole of my bodice arm hole and made sure it measured the same as the arm hole for my sleeve so everything would fit in just right.

I did not want to have to hem the bottom of my sleeves, so I used the fabric wisely by cutting my sleeves so that the bottom of my sleeve would be on the finished edge of the fabric.  That way you already have a beautiful finished sleeve.

Pin the side seams of the bodice together, right sides together, then sew.

Then you pin the skirt to the bodice, right sides together, then sew.

Sew your sleeves together, right sides together. Pin the sleeves to the bodice, right sides together, and sew- then all you need to do is hem the neck and the back of the neck and you are done!!!


The next dress I made was for my sons 1st birthday party- I grabbed a dress from my closet that I could easily use as a pattern.  And cut out my dress from that.  I wanted sleeves, so I cut out sleeves the same way as I did with the dress above.  I wanted a ruffle on this dress as well- so I had some really cute light weight fabric that would be perfect for the lace color.  For the ruffle, if you want it really ruffly than I always double the length of the skirt for the ruffle measurement.  Once everything was cut- I got busy and I went to town- and I finished this dress in about 45 minutes.  SUPER DUPER EASY!!!



The last piece that I made with the lace I bought is this fun cardigan-

I used the same kind of pattern as I did with the wraps- but this one I added sleeves to it and I added a lot of ruffle along the bottom of the wrap- so it turned into a cardigan style with a bustle.  As you can see, the sleeves are very long- the end of the sleeve is tight so the material bunches together.  I have long arms though too, so I make everything with LONG sleeves, if I put sleeves on 🙂


Thanks for reading my blog!!  And I hope you are feeling creative to sew with OUT a paper pattern!!


REVAMP…my wardrobe!?! Yes please!

REVAMP…my wardrobe!?! Yes please!

So… I am in the process of revamping my wardrobe.  As you know, I am blessed to be a stay at home mom- but what comes with that, for me… is a budget! And that budget may not include shopping like I may want…sooo I have to be creative and think of ways that I can change the clothes I already have in my wardrobe, so that I like it again!!

I would LOVE it if I actually wore ALL the clothes that I have in my closet, but plain and simple… I don’t.  So this is my challenge for myself and for you…I am going to eventually wear everything that I have in my closet.  I WILL wear because I want to. Not because I HAVE to.  I have a couple of shirts, jackets, dresses that are just a little too short, or a little too big, or it just doesn’t fit right, or I just don’t like it anymore.  For some articles of clothing it may just be a few tweaks here and there that can make an item worth wearing again- other pieces may be a little more difficult.

For the next few weeks, I am going to be posting my revamped wardrobe!  I hope you will stay tuned and be inspired to revamp your wardrobe!!

Here a few pieces that I tweaked and HAVE actually worn in the past few days- which I haven’t worn in MONTHS or more before the revamp- the sweater I think I purchased 8 years ago and hardly EVERY wear- the dress I bought while in college probably 11 years ago!!   Embarrassing that I still have them…




I will start with this super plain, gray sweater…  This gray sweater is too short… I personally don’t like short shirts, jackets, sweaters that accentuate my mid section- after two kids- my midsection isn’t my boasting area- if you know what I mean.  So, I needed to make this sweater longer- I had just gone thrifting the other day and picked up what I thought was a cute shirt- BUT when I got home and tried it on- it was hideous. So I took the ruffle off the goodwill shirt.  I started with cutting the ruffle off, baste stitched the ruffle, gathered it to fit the bottom of my sweater, pinned right side of ruffle to right side of sweater, sewed them together and voila! A much cuter sweater- I wore it to the gym the other day and I am glad I am getting wear out of it again 🙂




My super outdated dress is next!


Now on to the dress- the dress is a form fitting dress that I bought when I was in college- it is just not my style anymore and I hardly ever wear it.  But, I love the floral print of the dress.  So I decided to change the style into something that is more ME now.  I cut off the bottom part of the dress- I got the material that I wanted to use and measured it the length that I wanted it to be on me.  Baste stitch the top of the of the dress, gathered it to fit the dress, pinned right side of skirt to right side of dress, and sew.



After sewing on the skirt, I tried it on and I did NOT like it at all- it was accentuating my MID SECTION- something, as you know, I DONT LIKE!!

I had to remove the skirt with my HANDY DANDY seam ripper- that I have to use WAAAAY more than I would like…I then had to re-baste the skirt and then gather again!  Oh, the joys of sewing!!

I cut the floral dress shorter- so it is more of an A-line type of dress.  I wanted the back of the dress to be more ruffled than the front to make it a little more bustle like.  It is very subtle though- I would have liked it to be more noticeable. Oh well.  There is always next time.  I also wanted a slit on the skirt.  So, I kept that opening of the dress on the front of the dress instead of sewing the side seams together on the side of the dress.  I hemmed the slit- but left the bottom of the dress with raw edges.  After the skirt was sewn on to the dress, I decided I wanted the front of the dress to be shorter than the back.  I wanted a very subtle fish tail skirt.  I wore this dress today to church with my awesome cowboy boots and I got several compliments 🙂

I hope that you like the revamp!!




Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!!





Spring Blouse Tutorial

Spring Blouse Tutorial

I absolutely LOVE this blouse I just created and I hope that you like it too and can make one similar- if you like 🙂

These are the materials that you will need:

scissors, measuring tape, at least 2 yards of fabric- depending on size of blouse, a pattern or a shirt that fits well that you can use as a pattern, pins, sewing machine

These are the fabrics that I wanted to work with today- thought it would be fun to make a new shirt.


I have a great shirt pattern that I use over and over again just for the body- pin the pattern on the fold of the fabric. Do this for the front and the back of the blouse. Once pinned, cut. You will end up with 2 pieces.


My grandma gave me some awesome linens just a little while ago- this bed skirt has really cute trimmings on it- perfect for this blouse.  I cut off the bottom of the bed skirt for the ruffle of the blouse and also used some for the sleeves as well as the neck.

An easy trick to cut fabric very quickly is to cut just about an inch and then you can rip through the rest of the fabric and you have a perfectly straight piece.


I like the sleeve pattern that I have too- this sleeve makes a nice gathered look at the top of the sleeve- and I like the length as well.  So pin the pattern to the fabric and cut.  You have two sleeves, so you need to cut two.

For the trim on the sleeves I use a BIG ruler and a FISKARS cutting board to make the trim perfectly straight. If you don’t have a cutting board, a BIG clear ruler or a very sharp rolling cutter- get one. It makes life a lot easier when cutting.

So now that you have cut all your pieces out- this is how they will look.  I also decided the yellow floral would look nice on the bottom of the blouse before the ruffle. So I cut about a 1 inch strip- the length of the bottom of the blouse. I wish I had of made it longer- so think about how you want your blouse to look before you cut.


Now it is time to pin- pinning right side to right side for the most part. I started with the bottom of the blouse.  I pinned the yellow floral fabric to the blue striped fabric.  Next I took the trim from the bed skirt and put it on my neck line- I like using finished edges- that way I don’t have to hem, or worry about my neckline not being PERFECT!  So I took the easy way out today!  The trim for the neckline was pinned wrong side to right side- and then folded over to the wrong side.

Neck I started my sleeves- baste around the top of the sleeve.  It is always best to make 2 basting stitches- it makes the gather more lovely. The thread I used makes it hard to see- sorry about that- it was supposed to show two stitches- one stitch at 5/8 inch and the other at 1/4 inch.  Once basted, pull the two top threads gently and push the fabric so it bunches.

For the trim on the sleeve- you will baste and gather so that it fits the bottom of the sleeve.  Then sew it on.

Next, sew the sleeve edges together- right sides together.

Baste stitch the ruffle- again making two stitching lines- one at 5/8 inch and one at 1/4 inch.

Sew the yellow fabric to the blue striped fabric.  Because I only cut 1 inch of the yellow, I am using a 1/4 inch hem- because I wanted more of the yellow fabric to show. Pin the side seams.  Sew the side seams and the neckline.

The neckline looks soo nice- I love just being able to sew a trim to the neck. Pin the shoulders together, right sides together. Sew the shoulder seams.


Pin the sleeve to the arm hole.  It is easiest for me to have the dress inside out- and the sleeve right side out.  Put the sleeve inside the dress toward the arm hole.  Put right sides to right sides and pin.  Matching notches and the seam of the arm hole to the seam of the sleeve.

The blouse is almost done- I almost stopped here- but I figured if I did not like the ruffle I can always remove it.


Next, pin the ruffle to the blouse- and sew.


Finished blouse! I LOVE IT- and I hope you get inspired to make your own!!




It is FINALLY Here!! Turtleneck Dress Tutorial

It is FINALLY Here!!  Turtleneck Dress Tutorial

Sooo…. I have learned several things from making my first turtleneck-

This is what I originally wanted to make: but it turned out a little different.


1.  It is MUCH easier than I anticipated- I was excited but also dreading making this because I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out- let alone do a tutorial for other people…

2.  I didn’t do my math right when measuring my turtleneck.  I was copying another turtleneck that I have and I pretty much cut my turtleneck in half size- because I didn’t calculate correctly. MAJOR BUMMER! BUT… I am seeing my super mom today, and I am going to see how I can fix mine… maybe adding another turtleneck inside the shorter one…SO don’t make the same mistake.  If you are copying another turtleneck, double the size of the turtleneck, because it folds in half when you are wearing it.

Ok- here goes!!

Materials you will need: measuring tape, scissors, stretchy knit fabric, pins, sewing machine, marking fabric pen

I copied a shirt that I already have to make the size for my arms and chest and waist- and then traced it and cut.  If you are using a STRIPE pattern, make sure that both sides of your fabric line up perfectly with the stripes- I messed mine up slightly- the stripes are a little off 😦 you live and you learn!  Trace your shoulder seams, neckline and arm holes, then work your way down the side of the dress to make it as long as you want. Then cut.

Next I started my arms.  I placed the shirt that I wanted to replicate the arms for and placed the arm sleeve on the FOLD of my new fabric.  Fold line to fold line.  The seam of your OLD shirt should be opposite of the fold line on the new fabric. Trace the length of the arm hole onto the new fabric.  Cut.  Do the same for the other sleeve. You will end up with 2 sleeves 🙂

So now you have this:

Next I worked on the dreaded turtleneck part… I looked and looked at the turtleneck shirt that I already had- studied it and disected it.  Measured the height- ( then double that measurement- if that is how you want your turtleneck to look )- OTHERWISE, just cut your rectangle out on the fold.  If you cut your rectangle on  the fold- you will have the correct measurement.  I hope that makes sense… Measure the length of the neckline you created on your new dress.  Make a rectangle with the length of the neckline and the height of the turtleneck.  You need TWO rectangles- to make sure to cut out TWO rectangles- same measurements for both.

You have all the pieces that you need now for your turtleneck dress.

ON TO THE SEWING PART!! This part is the easy part.

I sewed my arms seams first.  Place the right sides together- pin and sew- doing your BEST to keep the stripes totally even. Leaving the arm hole OPEN.

Next- I sewed the body of the dress together. First shoulder seams, then the side seams.  Sewing RIGHT sides together. Making sure your stripes are EVEN on the body of the dress.

Now you have this: if you want to stop here, you can- you have a super cute sleeveless dress!

NOW on to the dreaded turtlneck…

Take your two rectangles that you cut and sew one side to the other side- right sides together.  After you have sewn right sides together- open up the rectangles and you have one LONG rectangle.

Now to create the CIRCLE of the turtleneck sew again, right sides together- but leave a HOLE so that you can pull the turtleneck through itself to have the ugly side inside of the turtleneck.- That sounds VERY confusing- I hope it isn’t as confusing for you to do as it was for me to type.  You will need to hand sew the hole to finish the turtleneck.

Sew your sleeves to the body of the dress- for some reason, I didn’t take a picture of that- but again- sew the sleeves to the arm holes RIGHT sides together.

LASTLY pin the turtleneck to the neckline- RIGHT SIDES together. Then SEW!

Now you have a NEW dress!!!  My husband LOVES it too 🙂

I hope you like this and will give it a try!  I would love to hear your comments and see your turtleneck dress once it has been made!  And as you can see- my turtleneck needs to be LONGER!!!  I will add some more pics if I change up my turtleneck.

SUPER EASY WRAP! for the ladies and the little ladies!!

SUPER EASY WRAP! for the ladies and the little ladies!!

Good morning!!  So I have made several of these wrap thing a ma jigs from this blog spot below- it is soo super easy!

This is the most easiest DIY ever! A very fun and simple DIY wrap-turned-scarf project that takes less than a minute to create and requires only one piece of fabric!

materials: scissors, measuring tape, and a rectangular piece of fabric (approximately 60 inches long).

Step 1: Fold the fabric in half from left to right.

Step 2: With the measuring tape, measure six inches down and six inches over from the folded side. Then cut an eight inch vertical slit.

Step 3: Open up the fabric and there should be two openings for your arms to go through.


So I have made these wraps and then thought how can I spruce them up a bit to add more ruffle or pizazz??  It was my sisters birthday and I needed to get her something.  I know she likes the things that I create and sew, so I decided to make her one.  I followed the simple directions for the main piece of the wrap.  Then I found some scraps of fabric that I had in my sewing closet- and I gathered and sewed on the extra piece.

This next picture is of my sister trying on her new wrap- by the look on her face, I think she LOVES it :))




THEN! I thought how can I make this super easy design for my little girl and use them as presents for her friends!! I printed out a heart design I liked on card stock, and used that to cut out perfect shaped hearts- then I sewed them onto the wraps 🙂 I had apple print material as well, so I used a few apples too.  You could add so many different ideas to these super simple wraps.

I hope you like and will get inspired!!