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next project- stay tuned. I am going to try to do a step by step tutorial!!


I can’t sit down and JUST watch TV…

so… I have a few projects that need thread clipping… I save them up so I can enjoy a TV show every now and then. Yes, the kids are both asleep- I can’t watch TV when they are awake, so I must use my time wisely.


These are my finished projects now- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little dress, bloomers and pantaloons!  This is a super cute dress for Easter- you can even change the colors up and make a Christmas dress.  I have made this dress several times in different patterns for Clover.  She always looks darling!  The only thing that I would change is making the ruffle on the bloomers more gathered so its extra super ruffly.  I hope you like and will get inspired to make your little darlings something cute to wear on Easter Sunday!


Vintage toddler overall

Both my kids are asleep- so that means ME time! I am expecting Valor to wake up any minute, so I must hurry!

This is my first little boy outfit that I am making- its a super cute overall. I usually make little girl clothes because I love lace and ruffles… but I have a little boy now and I need to show him some love 🙂 The pattern is totally Vintage-50’s I think.  I like Simplicity patterns- because they are simple and because my super sewing mom said they are great!

I am using a really soft cotton/knit blend and it has two sides to it.

First things first- you need to look at the instructions and see what pieces you need for the project you are making.  Patterns have several different patterns in one packet.  This one in particular has short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, long overall and short overall.  I am making the short overall- so I only need, I think 5 pieces.

So you need to cut out those pieces and lay them out on the fabric.  Making the most out of the fabric that you have.  You don’t want to have a lot of wasted fabric.  Once laid out on the fabric, you need to pin the pattern to the fabric.  You pin the fabric to the pattern so the fabric doesn’t move.  You need to be sure to cut accurately or you will have trouble matching sides and your overalls may not be perfectly even.

Once pinned, you cut out the pieces.  Don’t let all the markings on the pattern get your discouraged or frustrated.  They are actually pretty simple and if you have questions about a pattern, let me know and I will do what I can to assist you 🙂  The markings are important, so make sure you mark them once cut.

Because I had a 3 year old helping me… sometimes you will get a ripped pattern piece such as this. Just tape it back together as best as you can.

Before removing the pattern piece from the fabric, you need to mark the dots that are on the pattern piece to the fabric.  I use a fabric pen for my markings.  I used to use the spikey roller with the colored paper- but I just don’t like that, so I just recently bought this new fabric pen. I like it so far. It has disappearing ink and a rub off ink, so it won’t ruin or stain your fabric.  Like I said before, the markings are important- they tell you where to put pockets, and where sleeves should be placed so they are centered and lots of other things.  I have skipped making the marks before, and it just is easier to do them while you have the pattern piece out. Makes for an easier sewing project.

Cutting, pinning and marking this pattern took me about 45 minutes.  Not too bad.  I will be posting soon about how to sew the fabric together and eventually get a hopefully super cute, original pair of overalls!


There is a first time for everything!

Good morning!  This is the first day of my first blog.  I am currently feeding my one year old, feeding myself and telling my 3 year old to eat her oatmeal while setting up my blog 🙂 oh yeah and my hubby is on speaker phone!  This morning I already have had to clean up 1 blow out diaper, 1 hershy squirt panty mess, and the oatmeal that has boiled over in the microwave… thank God for prayer and knowing that I am not in this alone and Jesus will help me along my crazy Monday morning!!  and Yes, I am STILL in my robe!!

This blog is for moms, people who love sewing but don’t have enough time to fit it in, people who want to sew and have yet started and people like me! Moms who love to sew and WILL find a way to sew during the chaos of kids, cooking, cleaning and loving on their family at the same time!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!